My new Blog

I will start with the basics:

  • I’m a father and husband
  • I’m a Realtor with Century 21 All Professional
  • I’m a college football and political junkie
  • I like to ramble

The fourth point has led me to decided to try blogging. Because I follow all sorts of blogs ranging from politics to college football to real estate I thought that I would combine my interests and collect them into my own blog. What I hope to do is link to articles and comment on them or give a basic idea of the ramblings in my head. I’m obviously interested in all sorts of stuff and that’s what I figure this blog will focus on, things that I find interesting. With that said, my general principal will be real estate, but there is only so much that can be written about real estate, so I will also bring in other items specifically politics and during the fall college football. I will also likely write about my life, the day to day stuff (it’ll be like an unfunny, poor mans version of Curb your Enthusiasm.)

I must warn you that I’m not a very good writer and will likely write this very much in the way that I am thinking it in my head. I apologize in advance.



About nickseevers

A Sacramento, CA Real Estate Agent at Triple Crown Realty who loves college football and politics.
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