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A Sacramento, CA Real Estate Agent at Triple Crown Realty who loves college football and politics.


I have moved my blog to House Hunter Sacramento this is where you will find all the latest news and information regarding Sacramento Real Estate. I will continue to update here, but less frequently. Advertisements

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Carmichael Short Sale Follow Up

I’ve moved my site. I will continue to post here, but less regularly. I hope you will follow my new site. And for my regular followers I will continue to be blogging.

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News of the Day 2/14

Here are some stories I found interesting: Mansions Sales are up Home remodeling is on the upswing Kings Skate is closing Sacramento Real Estate Deal Pitchers and Catchers are reporting

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February 2011 FHA rates

That is what someone on the interwebs typed into Yahoo! and came to my blog here. I am #7 on Yahoo for that phrase and if you put Sacramento on the end I am #1!!!!! That is very strange, but … Continue reading

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FHA Rates change

FHA premiums look to be rising…. again! Affordability takes another hit. This can’t be good for people looking to buy with 3.5% down. If you have thought about buying recently, I highly recommend buying before April 1, 2011. If you … Continue reading

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News of the Day 2/11

Things I found interesting in the last couple of days: House are becoming even more affordable 2nd most affordable in the state K Street is being revitalized… sort of 2Pac and Pac 12 fighting over domain names Only in Alabama, a … Continue reading

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Which Cities Are The Most Generous?

I found this (Which Cities Are The Most Generous?) interesting. For sure not the most scientific way of determining generosity, but a good use of easily accessible information. These are the types of random things I would do if I were … Continue reading

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1st Poll

Whatever is decided I will get my wife for Valentine’s Day. Much like my friend Cory did with his choice of doctors. I figure if Cory can make life changing medical attention on a blog, I can have my reader’s … Continue reading

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News for Today 2/8

Things I found interesting today: Sacramento 3rd Worst in Job Loss And Sacramento is the 5th most miserable And home prices in Sacramento are “suppose” to drop 8.3% But… Lake Tahoe Castle for sale (I Know a good Realtor that could … Continue reading

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Follow up to Rent vs Buy

As a follow up to my previous blog post, I just finished my taxes for the tax year 2010. It led me to think about the tax break we get for owning a home. Not to mention this article I … Continue reading

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