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News of the Day 1/28

Here are some articles I found interesting: Spring fever for homes? Wine seems to be drink of choice for Millennial Generation Don’t drive in Sacramento City   Advertisements

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News of the Day 1/27

Hey Everybody, here are some news stories that piqued my interest: Sacramento foreclosures slowing down? A Modest Proposal for the Budget Google no longer displaying real estate Video from the lender I really like Loan Modification is very time consuming, I … Continue reading

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Carmichael Short Sale

As a Realtor in the year 2011 (and 2007-2010) I know more then I ever wanted to know about short sales. I will not bore all of you with the details, but give you the broad stroke ideas of what … Continue reading

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News of the Day

A couple of things I read today that I thought I’d share: State of the Union Drinking game ( It was better when George W Bush was president but fun none the less. NPR Planet Money: “The Double Whammy” reading

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Buying vs Renting in Sacramento

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking “he’s going to tell us how great buying is and that renting is just throwing money away.” There may be a little bit of that, but in all honesty not all people should … Continue reading

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Tips for Sellers

I do not always like the way the media tells people how to buy or sell homes. The tips they give are not always bad, just not always the best way (and don’t forget real estate is local and national … Continue reading

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